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 hIL-31 RA Fluor Aff Pur PAb
  • hIL-31 RA Fluor Aff Pur PAb
  • hIL-31 RA Fluor Aff Pur PAb

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    品  牌:R&D
    产品型号:FAB2769F (100 TESTS)

    hIL-31 RA Fluor Aff Pur PAb
    名称:正品订购| hIL-31 RA Fluor Aff Pur PAb
    规格:100 TESTS
    Reagents are stable for twelve months from date of receipt when stored in the dark at 2° - 8° C. Whole blood will require lysis of RBC following the staining procedure.
    Intended Use
    Designed to quantitatively determine the percentage of cells bearing IL-31 RA within a population and qualitatively determine the density of IL-31 RA on cell surfaces by flow cytometry. Cells should then be resuspended in the same buffer to a final concentration of 4 x 106 cells/mL and 25 μL of cells (1 x 105) transferred to a 5 mL tube for staining.
    Principle of the Test
    Cells expressing IL-31 RA are fluorescently stained, with the intensity of staining directly proportional to the density of expression of IL-31 RA. Transfer 25 μL of the Fc-blocked cells (1 x 105 cells) or 50 μL of packed whole blood to a 5 mL tube. Cell surface expression of IL-31 RA is determined by flow cytometry using 488 nm wavelength laser excitation and monitoring emitted fluorescence with a detector optimized to collect peak emissions at 515 - 545 nm.