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 Water DNA Kit(50)原装
  • Water DNA Kit(50)原装
  • Water DNA Kit(50)原装

    参考价格: ¥1500.00
    品  牌:omega

    Water DNA Kit(50)原装
    产品: omega
    货号: D5525-01
    名称: Water DNA Kit(50)
    Water samples in the presence of large number of microorganisms, these microorganisms as an important ecological indicator is widely used. From a body of water extraction of high purity genomic DNA is a very important means of water environmental monitoring. Water samples in the presence of substantial inhibition of factor such as humic acid, metal ion, and the purified DNA as long as these trace material existence, it will affect the PCR enzymatic reaction. Omega by silica gel column purification methods and unique solution system, can effectively remove water in various downstream effects of experimental (such as PCR ) inhibiting factor, and can efficiently recycling water in genomic DNA. The method has been successfully used in tap water, lake water, small natural river water, sewage, waste water, mine.
    Product characteristics and advantages
    Fast - completing an experiment requires only 2hours
    Reliable and simple operation, each time can obtain ideal effect
    High purity HTR solution can efficiently adsorb various inhibitory factor, the purified DNA does not contain any inhibitor, can be used directly in PCR and related applications.
    For Research Use Only. Not for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.