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 Total RNA Kit I (50) 原装正品
  • Total RNA Kit I (50) 原装正品
  • Total RNA Kit I (50) 原装正品

    参考价格: ¥900.00
    品  牌:omega

    Total RNA Kit I (50) 原装正品
    产品: omega
    货号: R6834-01
    名称: Total RNA Kit I (50)
    The kit adopts silica gel column purification methods, is currently the most rapid most simple cells and tissues of the total RNA extraction kit. One can handle < 5x 10*6 eukaryotic cell culture, < 1x 10*9 bacterial or < 30mg animal soft tissues ( liver, spleen, kidney, brain and so on ). Purification of RNA can be directly used for RT-PCR, Northern hybridization, nuclease protection and in vitro translation. The extraction process does not need to use poisonous phenol chloroform extraction, time consuming alcohol precipitation, completed a test only needs 20min. The use of silica gel column purification technology, can greatly reduce the operation time, reduce RNase exposure, and the reagent box of the operating environment and the skill requirement is low, even beginners can obtain ideal results. Cell or tissue in the TRK Lysis Buffer cleavage, centrifuged to remove impurities, with 70% ethanol modulate the binding conditions, the column adsorption of RNA, after three step rapid washing to remove protein and other impurities, dissolved in water at RNA DEPC. In addition, the kit also provides an optional film DNase I digestion process, the process is simple, efficient, fast, to ensure that the purified RNA without DNA pollution, greatly improving the speed and quality of the downstream analysis.
    Product characteristics and advantages
    Rapid within 20min to finish the experiment
    Safety without phenol chloroform and other organic extraction
    Simple on the operating environment and operation skill requirement is low
    Reliable purified RNA almost never occur degradation
    Stability column operation, stable yield fluctuation less
    For Research Use Only. Not for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.