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 mRNA Kit(50)精品原装
  • mRNA Kit(50)精品原装
  • mRNA Kit(50)精品原装

    参考价格: ¥900.00
    品  牌:omega

    产品: omega
    货号: R6842-01
    名称: mRNA Kit(50)
    The kit adopts one-step RNA extraction reagent combined with silica gel column purification methods, suitable for a variety of plant and animal tissues, from eukaryotic cells, bacteria as well as various rich in sugars, phenolic samples such as low software animal, insect tissue quickly and efficiently extracting small molecule RNA ( < 200nt ) and large molecular RNA ( > 200nt ); an experiment can handle 5x 10*6 cells, less than 50mg animal tissue, less than 100mg in plant samples. Purification of macromolecular RNA includes all greater than 200nt RNA, including 18sRNA,28sRNA, mRNA, can be directly used for downstream for a variety of purposes, such as RT-PCR, Northern hybridization, nuclease protection and in vitro translation. Purification of small molecule RNA includes all less than 200nt RNA molecules, including 5sRNA, tRNA,5.8sRNA, miRNA, can be directly used for Northern hybridization, microarray analysis. Cell or tissue by RNA-Solv R Reagent cleavage, adding chloroform extraction after stratification, draw RNA containing supernatant, adding ethanol to the column adsorption removal of large RNA fragments ( > 200nt ), then the solution is added with high ethanol concentration column adsorption of small molecules on RNA ( < 200NT ), after two step rapid washing to remove residues of the protein impurities such as RNA DEPC, finally dissolved in water. High molecular RNA after washing, can also use the DEPC water to dissolve and macromolecular RNA. Purification of macromolecular RNA can be directly used for RT-PCR, Northern hybridization; purification of small molecular RNA can be directly used for RT-PCR, Northern hybridization and microchip analysis.
    Product characteristics and advantages
    Reliable has the advantages of simple operation, each time can obtain ideal effect
    Rapid within 40min completed a extraction work
    For Research Use Only. Not for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.