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 NOVEX 4-12% TG MIDI 12+2-ADA 原装正品
  • NOVEX 4-12% TG MIDI 12+2-ADA 原装正品
  • NOVEX 4-12% TG MIDI 12+2-ADA 原装正品

    参考价格: ¥1908.00
    品  牌:invitrogen

    NOVEX 4-12% TG MIDI 12+2-ADA 原装正品
    产品: invitrogen
    货号: WT4121A
    规格: 10 GELS/BOX
    名称: Novex® 4-12% Tris-Glycine Midi Gels 12+2 Well with adapters
    Novex® Tris-Glycine polyacrylamide gel chemistry is based on the Laemmli system (1) with minor modifications for maximum performance in the pre-cast format. These gels do not contain SDS and can therefore be used to accurately separate both native and denatured proteins.
    Novex® Tris-Glycine Gels provide reproducible separation of proteins over a wide molecular weight range under denaturing or non-denaturing conditions into well-resolved bands .
    Novex® Tris-Glycine Gels are now available in the midi-format (8 x 13 cm, L x W). The Midi Gels are run in the XCell4 SureLock™ Midi-Cell that can run up to 4 gels simultaneously. Each Midi Gel can run up to 26 samples, allowing electrophoresis of over 100 samples at a time.
    With a Midi Gel Adapter, Novex® Tris-Glycine Midi Gels can be run in a Bio-Rad Criterion™ Cell.
    Formulation: Novex® Tris-Glycine Gels are made with high-purity, strictly quality-controlled reagents: Tris base, HCl, acrylamide, bisacrylamide,TEMED, APS, and highly purified water. They do not contain SDS.
    Recommended Buffers: By choosing the appropriate Novex® pre-mixed buffer, you can create either native, denaturing, or reducing running conditions with any Novex® Tris-Glycine Midi Gel.
    1. Laemmli, U.K. (1970) Nature 227: 680-685.
    Contents and Storage:
    Catalog numbers for gels refer to a single box. One box contains 10 gels. Midi Gels can be ordered with or without Midi Gel Adapters.
    Store at +4°C. Shelf life varies from 4 to 8 weeks, depending upon gel type.
    For Research Use Only. Not for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.