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 ArthroMAB Kit 25 mice 原装
  • ArthroMAB Kit 25 mice 原装
  • ArthroMAB Kit 25 mice 原装

    参考价格: ¥81179.00
    品  牌:millipore

    ArthroMAB Kit 25 mice 原装
    产地: millipore
    货号: ECM1100N
    规格: 100 mg
    名称: ArthroMAB Kit 25 mice
    UniProt Summary: FUNCTION: SwissProt: P02458 # Type II collagen is specific for cartilaginous tissues. It is essential for the normal embryonic development of the skeleton, for linear growth and for the ability of cartilage to resist compressive forces.
    SIZE: 1487 amino acids; 141785 Da
    SUBUNIT: Homotrimers of alpha 1(II) chains.
    SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Secreted, extracellular space, extracellular matrix (By similarity).
    TISSUE SPECIFICITY: High expression of isoform 2 in juvenile chondrocyte and low in fetal chondrocyte.
    PTM: Prolines at the third position of the tripeptide repeating unit (G-X-Y) are hydroxylated in some or all of the chains. & The N-telopeptide is covalently linked to the helical COL2 region of alpha 1(IX), alpha 2(IX) and alpha 3(IX) chain. The C- telopeptide is covalently linked to an another site in the helical region of alpha 3(IX) COL2.
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