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 Protonex Red 600
  • Protonex Red 600
  • Protonex Red 600

    参考价格: ¥2340.00
    品  牌:AAT Bioquest
    产品型号:AAT-21207 (1 mg)

    Protonex Red 600
    产品名称:Protonex Red 600
    产品规格:1 mg
    Ex (nm):575              Em (nm):597
    MW:984.03                Solvent:DMSO
    Storage:F/D/L (see storage codes below)
    ProtonexRed dye demonstrated pH-dependent fluorescence. Unlike most of the existing fluorescent dyes that are more fluorescent at higher pH, acidic conditions enhance the fluorescence of Protonex Red dye. The fluorescence of ProtonexRed dye dramatically increases as pH decreases from neutral to the acidic. The lack of fluorescence outside the cell eliminates the wash steps. Protonex Red dye provides a powerful tool to monitor acidic cell compartments such as endosomes and lysosomes. ProtonexRed dye is non-fluorescent outside the cells, but fluoresces brightly red in acidic compartments (such as phagosomes, lysosomes and endosomes). This ProtonexRed enables the specific detection of cellular acidic compartments with reduced signal variability and improved accuracy for imaging or flow applications. It can be also used for multiplexing cellular functional analysis with green dyes such as GFP, Fluo-8, calcein, or FITC-labeled antibodies. ProtonexRed has the spectral properties similar to those of Texas Red, making the common filter set of Texas Red readily available to the assays of ProtonexRed.
    Storage Codes:
    D = Desiccated
    L = Avoid light
    F = Freeze (<-15)
    R = Refrigerated (2-4)
    RT = Room temperature (4-50)